Charles Wilson 4 Pack Boxer Shorts


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  • Boxer Shorts
  • Elastic Waistband
  • 100% Cotton (Solid Colours), 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester (Melange Colours)
  • Machine Washable at 30 Degrees
  • Regular Fit
  • Front Side Opening
  • Pack of 4

17 April 2017
I've put too small beside the question about fit, but strangely they were also too big. Forgive me if I'm wrong but people who buy extra large clothing tend to be on the large side (duh!). These should be advertised as hipsters. The rear of the boxers seemed to be smaller than the front, so as soon as you move they fall down. Also the "elasticated" waist has as much elasticity as a pencil. Do not buy if you like your underwear to stay up. To compare, my primark underwear (at a quarter the price), are far more superior.
28 June 2018
Really low quality and the waist elastic band is really weird, does not fit properly and is doesn't seem to be very like always falling (even though the size is correct). Never seen anything like this and I will definitely avoid next time... The are are lots of "stuff" coming out of the material and seems like is degrades even after 1 day of use.
Dr. D. Wilson
24 February 2018
Do not buy these if you expect your pants to stay up.
Should be described as hipsters. If you bend over they fall down, only your tousers keep them up, there is virtually NO STRETCH in the elastic which adds to the problem.
After washing you will find there is even less stretch in the elastic. Very Poor, I can get better from my local Factory shop at half the cost.
Sandra E.
7 February 2018
excellent service. Unfortunately I hadn't realised the difficulty my husband has with this type of pants. Entirely my own fault. The pants were very good value and had I really checked with my husband first all would have been OK. Again I say the delivery, the product, and -sadly- the refund were all completed within three days. Well done and thank you.
14 March 2017
The material and stiching is good, with a deliberate covered opening section where a little air can route into the boxers to keep your crown jewels in peek condition. The elastic banding at the top is only half the width of what you might see on premium boxers and perhaps not the best cut for those with medium waists but large thighs.
16 March 2017
Very uncomfortable.odd shape and sizing.
Loose on the waist and tight on the legs.
Kyle Wheeler-Adams
1 June 2018
Ordered these because I could not be asked to go shopping (Man stuff) and I thought they would feel cheap and not nice but I was wrong. They are comfy, stretchy and a good fit. Overall I would recommend for anyone who wants a comfy baggy pair of boxers. My wife Even stole a pair
10 December 2016
Strange sizing, very big, I read reviews and thought I got the right size, but could of got 3 people in them!! Will stick to M and S from now on.