GONGFF Baby Wrap Available In 8 Colors - Baby Carriers, Care Sets - Baby Slings And Shawls For Babies And Newborns


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  • Product material: cotton, strong ventilation, lining cotton elastic foam is not easy to deform
  • Suitable for children 0-8 months (below 9kg)
  • Baby backs allow your baby to face both parents and parents
  • Thick padded shoulder strap design makes mother use more comfortable and neck support cushion makes baby safer
  • 75mm width, 20mm plus thickness shoulder strap, shoulder force buffer, baby will not shoulder weight

Product Description

High quality fabric: cotton breathable mesh fabric allows air to circulate freely through the carrier, keeping you and your baby cool in all kinds of weather
Relieve stress: Wide belts and shoulder straps help distribute weight evenly, relieve stress on shoulders, and keep mom or dad comfortable
Safe support: With a belt and back panel, our transportation tools are specifically designed to reduce strain and provide more support for the back
Four bearing options: face to face, face to face, back carry, cross hold
Adjustable belt: Provides good support for the baby's back and head, and ensures that the child's legs and arms are in the correct physiological position
1 / Please check all parts before use to ensure they are intact.
2 / When using the full strap, please fix the zipper and the buckle at the joint.